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Do You Love Your Mom as Much As She Loves You?

A Mother is a woman who puts her everything to make sure her child is protected. This is a general dictionary statement when we talk about a mother. But what exactly do we know about our mom? How much she works? What does she want? What is

How Many Girls Come Out of a Serious Relationship with Marriage!

Girls! The most awesome living beings on earth you will never understand. Neither you shouldn’t judge them on a particular incident, nor can you ignore them without understanding. Girls never follow a particular pattern or behavior to take them for granted. Each girl is unique in her

My Awesome Experience with Huna Technique – The Konark Express

One awesome thing happened last Thursday (22nd August 2013) while I was traveling to Mumbai! My train ticket was confirmed with Konark Express at 2 AC/B1 57L and I was pretty excited to go to Gujarat and Mumbai! So thought I will practice a bit of Huna

Can Your Friend Be the Next Shalmali Kholgade?

It was a Friday night shift job, and I was seriously working on optimizing a website. I was very much bored after completing my work and Iron Maiden songs couldn’t help me anymore to pass the time. I thought of logging into Facebook and do ping some