It was a Friday night shift job, and I was seriously working on optimizing a website. I was very much bored after completing my work and Iron Maiden songs couldn’t help me anymore to pass the time. I thought of logging into Facebook and do ping some one to talk for a while. Browsing Facebook has been an addiction to many people, and yea I know the fact that even you agree to it. So I was searching for my friends to talk, and I was no surprise to me that I cant find my friends at night 3am. But suddenly a chat popped out of Facebook and said Hello! I was like Woah! Challo lets talk to this girl.

Shalmali Kholgade

This girl name is Deepika, and she is my Facebook friend whom I never met so far, never spoke to her on phone until last week and never chatted with her on Facebook since 6 months. But all happened suddenly last month, when we were discussing about a guy who bothers her all the time to meet her personally. She faced the situation bravely and took a bold step to get rid of that guy. She works in Google, and mostly comes online in weekends to talk to her friends. So we were talking for a while and finally I said what are your hobbies? She replied singing! I was laughing with a greedy thought, aaha, time for some live playback singing. I’ve asked her, can you sing English songs? She said I’m more comfortable in Hindi, and would love to sing anytime. I took the opportunity wisely, and asked her can you sing right now? 😀 She said Why not?

My immediate response was a surprising smiley :O and was unable to decide whether she is kidding or saying the truth. I said myself, wait a minute and ask her again. I said are you sure you can sing live at night 3am? She replied Yep! No Problem! But just give me 10 minutes to practice the lyrics, and also do let me know what song would you like to listen. And ever since I attended the live performance of Shamali Kholgade at Vibgyor 2013 by Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology, I wanted to listen only that songs which shalmali anchored in our mind that day.

Pareshaan Song from Ishaqzaade

I replied saying how about “Pareshaan from Ishaqzaade” with complete lyrics? She said yes and disappeared from Facebook to practice the song! Right after 10 minutes I got her text saying, You can call me now! I took my phone and ranged her immediately to listen how she sings. The first 30 secs were completely calm and then she started singing the song with a sweet voice. I was shocked to listen her voice on phone, which just sounded like a recording studio voice. 3 minutes passed and I lost somewhere sitting in my office, and her voice still revolves in my mind. She mentioned that she can sing Telugu too.. Aaha, what an epic chance to grab another song from her. So I said lets do “Manasa from Munna”. She took another 10minutes to practice the song with lyrics, and Boom! I got another chance to listen her sweet voice.

Since it was 3:40 in the morning, deepika said she should sleep after a tiring work schedule at Google. Even I had to prepare packing things for my trekking, which was at 6am at Khajguda Caves in Hyderabad. The whole day I was humming pareshan song, and people in my treeking group were observing me weirdly. I wondered where all the talent in these girls go? Deepika mentioned that she won many prizes, gifts and awards as a best singer in her school, college and office years. I said why don’t try playback singing or join any advance singing course to learn more about singing. She said its just a hobby, and will be buried as a hobby.

Shalmali Kholgade Singing

I observed that Deepika is really passionate about singing and should continue doing it. Else why would anyone take your call at morning 3:30am to sing a song. There are many people like Deepika who are struggling to face the real world, no matter how much talent they have. Bring this people into reality, and let them know their uniqueness among others. Make them feel they can do anything, and enjoy their success as a good friend. This is my first post in Life of a Techie, and I never expected I would be writing about a friend, rather than myself. I’m so happy to share my feelings with my friends who are reading this article right now. Please leave your valuable comments and responses to this article in the below comments section.

Note: Please don’t send Facebook Friend requests to people whom I mention in my articles. Its a humble request to give them privacy.

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