A Mother is a woman who puts her everything to make sure her child is protected. This is a general dictionary statement when we talk about a mother. But what exactly do we know about our mom? How much she works? What does she want? What is her future? These are the most common questions which we think we can answer. I know that everyone knows how much they love their mom, but can you answer what happens to her when there is no one around? Yes, I’m talking about the situation when she is left alone in this world. You might be loving your mom up to the core when you are alive. But what happens to her when you pass away, and your relatives doesn’t spare her any food or shelter?

how you should protect your mother

Today I’m going to tell you a story, which will make you to think a lot about your mom! This real story will make you cry, but I feel it’s absolutely okay to learn something good out of it. This story is a real incident which happened in my friend’s life. I saw many ups and downs in my life, but this incident made me to think a lot. I made sure to protect my mom in every aspect of her life. She is protected by all means, no matter I’m alive or not. Don’t skip reading any line of this article once you started. I recommend you to immediately close the page if you are a weak heart. This story might hurt you emotionally for the next few weeks. So here we go.

A Real Story on How Your Mom Feels After Your Death:

Last year I have completed my studies (Master of Computer Applications) which didn’t quite teach me anything in real life. Though I secured 81% with distinction, I never felt like studying in college. I used to spend half of my time in CACHE halls and other college events. Luckily I used to run my business simultaneously, which made me to learn a lot of stuff in my professional life. I used to work for my clients to sponsor college fests and tech events throughout the summer. When I was sponsoring a Grade C college in Hyderabad, I came across this engineering college (can’t mention the college name), which didn’t bother to teach anything to their students.

So in every college we sponsor, there should be one student volunteer to coordinate with our team. This is where I met Shiva, who was a final year IT student with full of positive energy. His leadership skills and way of handling people were seriously awesome. Though he was an average student at studies, his dedication towards education was seriously inspiring. Apart from regular studies, he was very much interested in extra circular activities like annual days and college fests.

His financial background was poor enough to support him with a private college. This is where he worked hard to acquire a free seat in a Grade C engineering college. Coming to his family background, Shiva was the only son to his parents. His father passed away with liver cancer in the year 2008, whereas his mom works on stitching clothes for her customers. Shiva always used to search for a part time job to support her mother at home. Seeing his situation, I gave him small marketing job to earn while studying.

Everything was fine until a week, where he suddenly decided to go out of station to search a permanent job. A month later he texted me saying, “Bro, I got a good job here in Bangalore, and I’m extremely happy for the same.” Since I know him personally from a year, I used to visit his place to meet him personally. His mom was the most peaceful women I ever saw on earth. She was very well organized in everything she does. Though Shiva was working in Bangalore from a month now, she was never scared of being alone in Hyderabad.

Exactly 3 months later, Shiva was again looking for a job in Hyderabad to support her mother. He said his mother was unable to handle the pressure of being alone in Hyderabad. She needs him to work here in Hyderabad, or else take her to Bangalore for time being. Since Shiva used to stay in a PG (Paying guest), it was quite impossible for him to take his mother to Bangalore. He was lucky enough to get a job in Hyderabad very soon, but the salary offered was quite less than what he used to work for.

Months passed and everything seems to be alright. Suddenly I got a call from Gandhi Hospital that my friend Shiva met with an accident. I cross examined them saying, How do you know my number? How is he? The constable told me that they have my number in quick call list as Number 2. (Probably Number 1 was for his mom). Since the first number was not working, they immediately called me to inform about the accident.

I immediately rushed to see what exactly happened to him. The police refused to inform me about his position, which I doubted to be a serious accident. While driving to the hospital, my mind was revolving with full of questions.

  • OMG! Accident? What happened to him?
  • Why Police are calling me to a hospital when Shiva met with an accident?
  • Why Gandhi Hospital? This is where dead bodies go right?
  • If anything bad happens to him, What about his mother?
  • He doesn’t own a bike, now how can this accident be possible?

And with a ton of other questions, I finally reached the police station to find out what exactly happened. While I was about to enter the Gandhi hospital, I saw some people and Shiva’s mother lying down on the ground. I immediately rushed to her and asked what exactly happened? She was not replying anything at that moment! She was not even listening what I was asking! Just was looking into sky and was talking something which I didn’t understand.

protecting your mother

Note: This is not the real image.

Everything seems to be confusing, and I decided to ask the constable about the accident. The moment I was about to ask him about the incident, an ambulance suddenly stopped at Mortuary. Everything seems to be blurred at that moment! I did not understand what exactly was happening. I was unable to take the tension to know what happened to Shiva. After 10 minutes, a mortuary compounder called us inside to check the body.

I collapsed the moment I heard about his death. I don’t know what to talk and how to ask! I rushed to this compounder and asked him how did it happen? He said I don’t know about the accident, but many major parts for his body were crushed. The police constable was telling me that his brain was lying on road for couple of hours. All his bones were crushed under a cement lorry, which was weighing over a ton.

My heartbeat increased to 150/minute when entering the mortuary. There was another guy, who took us to the main chamber of dead bodies. He pulled out a random rack out of the blue and said, “See the body for last time”.  I immediately rushed out of the mortuary to control my tears. The brain was lying out of the head, the hands were twisted, leg was broken and his face was cut into half. I asked him, this is not possible! He can’t be Shiva. The compounder replied, Sir, please go away. You shouldn’t be here for much longer.

I was unable to control my emotions seeing him lying down like that. Since my dad was a Senior Police man at A.P Police, I requested him to help me through the procedure. Though I seemed to be busy at the body procedures, my brain was revolving around Shiva’s mother. She was just informed that his son met with an accident, and is taking the treatment at ICU. She was unable to take that her son met with an accident. She was crying loudly, “I asked him not to drive him without license and helmet. I don’t know where did he got this bike from! Let him recover, I will make sure he never touches it again”.

Hearing about the incident, Shiva’s friends, family and neighbours gathered at the hospital. Her mom still was unable to understand that he is dead. She was still crying lying down the ground, shouting “Shiva, what happened to you? These people are not allowing me to see you”. These lines made everyone to cry at the hospital. Finally Shiva’s uncle took the courage to tell her that her son is dead.

She didn’t believe in what she heard and said, Raju! (Shiva’s Uncle) Don’t talk rubbish. He is fine! I know he is fine! Wait, I will ask doctor! She was running here and there to find a doctor! Shiva’s uncle was crying to explain her about the death. He took her inside the mortuary to show her the body. I didn’t dare to step inside the mortuary with Shiva’s mom again, but could able to hear her crying aloud.

She immediately came out of the mortuary and stared to cry loudly. I felt really bad seeing her in that condition, but what can I do? I was completely helpless to console her. She was not interested to listen to anyone at that moment. One of her relative asked us to leave her for some time. The hospital took care of the post-mortem and asked us to leave. The next day I went to attend the remaining formalities.

Days passed and everything seems to over so quickly. I did not believe what I just experienced. I lost a real good friend who was dedicated to his studies, work and family. Everyone left Shiva’s mom in a week. Her relatives, neighbours, friends and everyone seem to be busy in their own life now. I tried reaching her couple of time, but her neighbours informed me she left to her home town.

Meanwhile I tried to gather some more information about Shiva’s mom to know how she is. Some neighbours told me that she suffered with severe financial crisis for a month. She didn’t ask help from anyone, and still tried to work hard at the age of 50. Her body was not supporting her works, so she decided to leave to her home town to pass her life. I was told how she spent her days eating only 1 meal a day. She was a lady with self-respect and never asked us for money, food and ration.

strong mom

It was hard for me to imagine her position at that time. I recalled my memories with that place and decided to move on. From that day I always think about my mom and her future. I always used to imagine myself in Shiva’s position if I was driving recklessly. I always used to worry about my mother when I met with a small accident. Though I drive carefully on roads, I’m still very much worried about others who drive irresponsibly. I never knew whose mistake cost Shiva’s life, but I decided I will never ever speed up while driving.

Also from that day, I always wanted to save some money for my family in crisis. I decided to nominate my mother for all my accident death recovery policies. I can proudly say that my mom is now secured with enough money to protect herself from this cruel world. I know my dad is always there for her when needed, but as a son, it is my responsibility to protect them both. I promise that I will never speed up while driving on roads. I will drive safely and responsibly for your future.

So how much do you love your mom? Do you work or earn some money every month? Then don’t think much about your future. Go immediately invest your money in something which will save your family future. There are tons of policies in government and private sectors, but I always go with trusted policies like HDFC, ICICI, LIC and Etc. Try saving your money in something which will protect your parents in future. Remember that you need not save thousands of rupees every month. I’m just saving Rs.1,000/month to protect my family with 10 Lacs for 20 long years. This money will be recovered when I needed in urgency, or when something happens to me.

I wish this article will really help you to understand how important that saving are. Please invest your money in good investments. Save atleast couple of thousands every month to protect your parents self-respect.

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