Girls! The most awesome living beings on earth you will never understand. Neither you shouldn’t judge them on a particular incident, nor can you ignore them without understanding. Girls never follow a particular pattern or behavior to take them for granted. Each girl is unique in her own personality and behavior. You have to remember that a girl will never allow anyone to take her comfortable position. Usually it’s impossible for anyone to understand them in detail, but studies say that girls are soft in nature and follow a similar pattern when they fall in love.

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Girls usually believe in trust, love and care from every person whom they show interest on. Each girl searches for a better and better product (things), whereas each guy searches for a better and better woman. Though this statement is my own, I’m not really sure where you heard it before. These days I’m more bothered about the traditional arranged marriages in India. These marriages are well arranged by the both bride and bridegroom families, but the point is how many of them are happy now? Are all girls who got married against their will are happy enough?

Many girls respect, love and care their parents from childhood. She will never allow anyone to take their place, no matter even if you are a lover, boyfriend or husband.Β There are millions of girls who love one and marry someone else. What could be the reason for this? Money? Fame? Wealth? Status? I’m not sure what it can be! I’ve observed many girls who suffer from a serious emotional blackmail from parents and relative families. You might think why am I coming to a conclusion that every family in India bend their girls freedom! Well, That’s the point! May be not all families are the same, but in some cases the girl herself might opt for a better option.

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This doesn’t mean they are bad, arrogant, selfish or monsters. This simple means she can always adjust herself according to the situation. Sit back and think for a while! You might have atΒ least one friend (girl) who loved someone and married someone else. I’m not trying to blame anyone, but I’m just trying to understand what made them to opt for a better option. If parents and relatives are the main reason to sacrifice your love life, then why aren’t you fighting back? Every country has a separate law to protect women for their liberty. Even India does! But why girls in India are not taking that bold step to fight for their loved ones? I know one of my close friend, who was in a relationship for more than 5 years with her childhood friend. Last year (Feb 2012) she got married to an NRI, and guess how everything changed.

Previously she used to call me up in the late nights and cry about her relationship fights and misunderstandings. Being her good friend, I was only able to console her, talk to that guy, and then used to settle the issue. Things didn’t quite go well as expected, which ended her up marrying a NRI from London. Everything changed so fast that she is already a mother of 3 months old baby now. She is extremely happy about her husband and a cute little girl. Now she doesn’t call me up for small fights, misunderstandings or anything else. But she always calls me to feel bad about that guy whom she left last year for certain reasons. Yes! She didn’t marry that guy whom she loved for more than 5 years. Reason? Family didn’t accept!

There was not even a single day that she didn’t talk about her husband with me! I always wonder why she is so happy about not being with the guy whom she loved the most! I felt she was cruel, selfish and hopeless for not fighting against her parents to get her love. Keeping this in mind for almost a year and half, I finally broke my silence and asked, Why did you do this? What made you to leave your loved one to marry a complete stranger? Her response was stunning enough to prove I might be wrong. This is what she replied to my questions!

Satish, We always have good and bad choices in our life. But when it comes to choosing a life partner, you always have to make sure that you don’t hurt your parents, relatives and future. Status is everything in today’s world! May it be a good job, proper arranged marriage, or something else. India is not a place where you get everything what you ask for! Especially Girls still don’t have that liberty and freedom to choose their loved ones! If we try to ask our parents about our love marriage, we get obvious results as expected. My parents said they will kill themselves if I marry anyone outside our religion or caste. For me they are everything! I’m her only daughter, and I cannot leave them like that. I tried to convince my parents a lot, but this time they abused me and locked me up for a week. I was told that I won’t be allowed to see them again in my entire life for going against them. I love my mom and dad so much that I cannot go against them! Also I cannot take a risk of going with a guy who doesn’t even have a secured job to feed me and my child. I know this is tough to take initially, but it’s okay. I sacrificed everything in my life. In just one year I understood my husband so much that he never complains or hurts me for anything! I’m happy Satish! I guess that love was not more than attraction!

Well, my expression was WTF! Then why did you spend 5 freaking years with this guy? I did my research to find this guy from a year. Trust me! I never saw him again on Facebook, WhatsApp, Orkut, Gtalk, or any other place where he used to exist! Where is this guy? What is he doing? No one can answer this question.


I seriously ask myself, WHY? I saw many girls who are extremely happy after their arranged marriage, despite of a love failure! But what are these guys doing? Where do they go? With a lot of anxiety and excitement, I started to ask many of my friends who broke up for simple reasons. I’ve listed the top 10 reasons why girls leave their boyfriends and lovers to marry a complete stranger. I’ve never been into relationship myself, but looking at these things, I really don’t think it is a good option to step into without much understanding! Seriously!

What I’ve observed from past few years is really surprising. Few Girls are really strong when it comes to their parents pride and respect. Doesn’t matter how much you love a girl, always make sure to understand that her parents are the most important people in her life. If you are not respecting her family and emotions, then don’t expect much from her to be with you. Many Guys are usually emotional in Love and weak in expressing things! This goes worse when you are emotionally weak and having a strong girl friend who loves their family more than you. Be smart in selecting your loved ones!

Reasons Why Girl’s Don’t Marry Their Loved Ones!

  1. The guy is not bold enough to tell their parents about their love.
  2. The guy was not earning enough money to keep her happy.
  3. The guy was extremely annoying and sentimental
  4. The guy was very arrogant, rude and behave abnormal with her parents
  5. The guy is cheating or having more than 1 relationship at a time.
  6. The girl was not able to convince her parents.
  7. The girl was forced emotionally to forget her loved ones
  8. The guy who never used to respect her emotions or feelings.
  9. The girl loves their parents so much that she can’t hurt them.
  10. The girl was never looking for a serious relationship

It is very obvious that there are good girls and bad boys, and bad girls and good boys. Whatever it is, always make sure to respect your relationship in any moment of life. Girls have to remember that there are still some guys who can do anything for your happiness. Find them and give your best to make the world a better place.

You or your friends might fall in any of the above categories, but what makes them happy at end is what they choose. Luckily I have many good friends who understand how to deal with type of situations. According to my friend Rohit,

Girls are too good to leave their lover behind for their happiness – Rohit Nampelli

May be true, But I’m not really sure about this statement! A guy should always respect a girl in every possible way. Because they are the only people who teach you free lessons in your life! Similarly girls! Be smart in choosing your life partner! πŸ™‚

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