One awesome thing happened last Thursday (22nd August 2013) while I was traveling to Mumbai! My train ticket was confirmed with Konark Express at 2 AC/B1 57L and I was pretty excited to go to Gujarat and Mumbai! So thought I will practice a bit of Huna Technique while traveling. Sat at 57th Berth and was wondering, Sad this compartment is reserved for a family. I will be super bored! Then thought of Huna technique, and asked for shifting my place to a group of girls sitting in the first compartment! I waited for the universe to reply me the positive message! And yes it came to me exactly after 10 minutes. The family who was in my compartment had 1 ticket at 1st compartment, and they requested me to go there. (I was like :D) I told them I’ll check if I want to go, and then tell if interested! They were like, please sir, we want our dad to be with us! I was like okay (Super happy inside) and moved to compartment 1.

huna tecnique

As soon I went inside, I saw 3 girls seriously studying for their Moot Court Practice at Pune Symbiosis. I was bored and sat for an hour. Guess what? Huna again!  I sent a message to universe saying, I want to talk to them, do give me a chance to talk! Make anyone of them to talk to me! I’m getting super bored!

Exactly after 15 minutes, I got an opportunity to talk to one of the ladies sitting there. I asked them, you people look like full geeks preparing for exams, and I guess I’m not disturbing you with my laptop and headphones.

One of them replied (Parul), absolutely not, and we are not preparing for exams! It’s a moot competition we are preparing for. I was totally unaware of what Moot Court is all about. I’ve asked them how does it work, and what exactly it is!

These 3 girls are from National Law University Odisha (NLUO), and their names were Nidhi, Parul and Anshu. They were the Law college toppers, and were doing internship at Supreme Court under the top class lawyers of India. I was unable to resist myself to ask more about Moot and their Law college experience.


They took some time to explain me about the Moot Court Competition held at Pune Symbiosis Law School, and shared a lot of good experiences about their college. That really impressed me, and we started to talk much closer from then onwards. I observed that they were seriously working on this moot competition from months, so I didn’t wanted to disturb them much. They told me that they spent almost 2 months to study, analyze and understand the topic given to them.

They told me the Pune Moot Court Competition is really hard to clear, and this is their last chance to get win the title. When I asked why? They said they are in 4th year now, and can hardly get enough time to participate in the final year (5th year). So they want to win this competition at any cost.  Though they were looking pretty tensed about the competition, I had a gut feeling that they can easily clear the finals and win the title of Pune Symbiosis Moot Court 2013 Competition.

I told them the same thing, and they started to think I’m just saying to motivate them. I told them my gut feeling will never go wrong, and if it is going wrong, then there is something which will surely hurt my ego. So believe me, you gonna easily win the title. I took the conversation little further, and told them about Huna Technique, and asked them to believe what I said them. Respecting the words of a complete stranger, they started to believe in what they are doing, and were concentrating on the competition like earlier.

It’s been 24 hours, they are in Train, and they feel suffocated with the environment around. They didn’t slept for hours, and I can seriously observe the tiredness on their face. After bugging them for a while, they agreed to take rest for a while on rotation basis, so that any one of them can sit back and read for the competition. Hours passed and finally they have to put an end to the practice now! They were waiting for Pune station to come. I had 2 hours to talk to them, so that they will be motivated for the upcoming projects, and competitions.

I started to talk as if they already won the competition, which really excited and motivated them. They were able to dream about the title, and were feeling fresher and excited than before. This moot is organized in a bigger scale, as many reputed law colleges come here to participate every year.

It will be a dream come true for them to win this title, as many of their college students fail to get earlier. I’ve told them they will surely win the title, and keep the hope pumping up. They told me if they even go to finals, I’ll be the first person to inform about the good news. I was expecting them to call me when they win the title actually.

Later we started to discuss about a business proposal, which we will be working from September 2nd week. I seriously wanted to get involved in what they do, as these people were really smart and intelligent. We had an awesome business plan in mind, which can really change the phase of India in next couple of years.

Later they got down at Pune Station, and told me to be in touch. They shared their personal numbers, and email addresses to be in touch after the semester exams in mid-September. I still was feeling they will come back with the title, and inform me about the same.

They had the first round competition on Saturday (24th August 2013) and Finals at Sunday (25th August 2013). I didn’t get any message till Sunday evening, and was shocked how the hell they didn’t make to finals?

The very next moment I got a message from Nidhi saying

Hey Satish, Guess what? Your gut feeling was true. We are in Finals now! Will keep you posted, and we are much tensed now.

I replied saying,

Don’t worry, you can easily achieve it from here. Ping me the good news.

An hour later, they told me the finals are done, and they were awaiting the results. Every one of us were tensed! Will these girls be able to achieve it? Can they rewrite the history of their college? Can they do it?

Well, the answer was totally shocking! I got another message after 1 hour from Parul and Nidhi, saying

Satish, we won the Moot Finals! Thank you so much for the support! Wow! We can’t believe this!

I replied,

Good job girls, we will soon meet for our business plan to get into reality.

Later I called them on Monday to listen how they felt after winning awesome price money and respect. The words which they shared were priceless. The happiness and excitement I heard in their voice is really awesome! I felt so happy that their hard-work really paid.

Thanks to techniques like Huna, which will make you to believe in yourself, and others. I love to practice this technique through out my life from now. By the way, Parul, Nidhi and Anshu are on a vacation, and will get back to Cuttack to give their final exams. Let’s hope they win their exams too.

2013 pune moot court winners

You might be guessing, how these girls look with a winning trophy? Well, that picture is coming up in couple of days.. I’ll soon upload how they look with a huge winning trophy in hand. Once again, Congrats Anshu, Parul and Nidhi. You people did really great, and I’m seriously proud to spend my time with you. All the best for our future project! If you are reading this, don’t forget to mail me your pictures. The whole world is waiting to see your winning moments.

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